Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD’s experienced staff of attorneys and legal assistants can assist you in all aspects of civil litigation. We have successfully settled and litigated contract disputes, administrative disputes, real estate disputes, fiduciary litigation, insurance and commercial issues, and a variety of appellate cases.

We Are Here to Assist You in Every Step of the Process

bdbf_bl_subFBulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, will respond to your issues quickly and thoroughly. In some instances your interests are better served through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Mediation or alternative dispute resolution can eliminate the need for complicated court involvement. Should mediation or alternative dispute resolution be used, a Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, staff member will oversee this process with you from start to finish.

Where litigation is recommended, Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, will work diligently with you to prepare and file the appropriate court documents and to represent your interests fully before the appropriate court. Because each and every case is different, Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, will work closely with you to develop a litigation plan or strategy, which focuses on your needs. Our team of attorneys and legal assistants will help you focus on the essential issues. For example in a case of a breach of a commercial contract these questions are often asked:

  • Have the parties reached an agreement?
  • How much money can you expect to receive?
  • What provisions of the agreement are helpful to your case?
  • Which part of the agreement was not fulfilled?
  • What action needs to be taken to compensate someone for his or her loss or injury?
  • Can you collect attorney’s fees and costs?
  • Are punitive damages available?

Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, will answer these and the many other questions that arise. A complete picture of the best strategy for you is developed. Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, understands that both you and your situation are unique and our approach to your concern is individually tailored.

We Are Here to Offer Experience and an Established Reputation

bdbf_bl_subRYou will find that retaining an attorney from Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD, brings access to an entire firm with an established reputation for assisting people for over 80 years. Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, CHTD’s reputation of dedication and hard work permits us to work effectively with attorneys, judges, and court personnel in the community to reach your desired goal.

Bruce A. Blaylock, Megan N. Rosan, Daniel S. Shaivitz and Jeremy D. Rachlin are the attorney members of the Civil Litigation Practice Group at Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld, Chtd. They are supported by a staff of legal assistants.

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